Olival da Risca – Bio


Flavored olive oil with:

Basil – For use with salads, pasta, tomato and cheese.

Lemon – For use with salads, pasta or fish.

Garlic – For use with salads, pasta and tomato.

Chili – To give some spicy flavor to your favorite food or dip.

Mandarin – For use with Asian cuisine, meat or in chocolate desserts.

Harvest: 2021/2022


At Risca Grande, over 35,000 olive trees of Portuguese varieties grow on 170 ha. They also grow lemons, limes, tangerines, herbs and spices themselves to Demeter standards and quality. The goal of their cultivation methods is to promote soil fertility because a balanced and rich soil has a positive effect on the intensity of the flavors of olive oil.

Their olive harvest takes place from October to December and use a machine which is gentle on the trees and the olives.

All of olive groves belonging to the family company are located within five kilometers of the oil mill. These short distances allow them to produce, with the highest level of preservation, an extra virgin olive oil out of the fresh olives from the field, in less than four hours after harvest.

Harvest – Olival da Risca

Nutritional information

Nutritional Declaration per 100ml
Energia 3421KJ / 821Kcal
Of which Saturated
Of which Sugars
Protein 0g
Salt 0g


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