Amor é Cego


Mature extra virgin olive oil with a well-balanced fruity aroma. Notes of tomato, apple and nutty flavors. Sweet and slightly spicy. Excellent to dip bread, soup and pasta.

Scale 2,8

Varieties: Galega

Harvest: 2023/2024


Amor é Cego – Love is Blind – describes the passion they feel for the land. Their olive grove was planted over sixty years ago by João Rosado’s grandfather and in 2015 they took the first steps towards producing olive oil.

The olives are picked by hand and processed in the same day to conserve all the properties of the oil.

The old olive trees are looked after with great care, unhurriedly, while the best agricultural practices are employed. Despite the relatively low yield – 7 liters per 100 kg of olives – the final product is a unique olive oil of the highest quality.

The olives used to produce Amor é Cego olive oil are grown at the Monte da Oliveira Velha estate, 17 km from Évora, and is also home of thousand-year-old wild olive-trees, full of life and history that fill them with pride: “we are indeed fortunate to have them”.

Apanha/ Harvest – Amor é Cego

Nutritional information

Nutritional Declaration per 100ml
Energy 3421KJ / 821Kcal
Of which Saturated
Of which Sugars
Protein 0g
Salt 0g

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acidity ≤0,1%
Peroxide index (meq02/Kg): ≤4.4
Waxes: ≤63.9mg/kg
K232: ≤ 1.55
K268: ≤0.09
∆K: ≤0.00


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