Visit to the Valley of the Centenary Olive Trees of Puglia


Last month we went to Puglia, in southern Italy, where olive oil has always been a tradition and is the region that produces the most olive oil in the country.

We were not sure what to find, as a few years ago the region suffered from Xylella Fastidiosa, a bacteria that destroys many plants, including olive trees.

Between Bari and Ostuni we could see kilometers and kilometers of olive groves between the mountains and the Adriatic sea with green centenary olive trees. But further south, in Salento, we saw up close the devastation of the dry olive groves. A sad image to behold.

However, for seven years, olive producers have been implementing a protocol to control the disease and results are already being seen. Including some oils awarded at the NYIOOC!

It requires removing plants that may contain transmission vectors and spraying the trees with a biological antibacterial solution. A cure has not yet been found, but following the recommendations has been key to controlling the pest in olive groves.

At the airport we found this sign. The attention and responsibility towards the Puglia olive grove belongs to everyone who visits the region.

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