Tomato and olive oil


Tomato and olive oil. The delicious combination of these two ingredients takes place on several levels:

  • Olive oil with tomato: how good it is to eat a tomato salad with olive oil and salt?! Better still if freshly picked. Here at home we consume a lot (raw, cooked, sauce) and in spring it’s time to plant them. We transplant them from the pot into the soil and then we place stakes to support them.

    Eating tomatoes with olive oil can be one of the best practices that we can adopt. This combination helps our body better absorb lycopene. This substance is good for the heart and is effective in preventing various types of cancer.


  • Olive oils with notes of tomato and tomato branch: during the tasting, the olive oils give us organoleptic sensations according to the type of fruity they present. In some of them we can feel the flavors of tomatoes and their branches. Have you ever felt it? 
  • Tomato flavored olive oil: for those who like seasoned olive oils.

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