Is the quality of Olive Oils in Tins inferior?


There are excellent olive oils packed in tins!

As we know, the quality of olive oil is compromised by exposure to light, oxygen, and heat, so the option to pack it in inert stainless cans is great for keeping the product safe from light.

Nowadays it’s no longer necessary to drill those holes in the corners of the can, which once opened would no longer close. Remember? The cans come with dosing lids so that the olive oil doesn’t come in contact with oxygen.

When it comes to heating, cans tend to have a lower thermal resistance.

But beware: no olive oil, whether in glass, tins or bag in box, should be exposed to light, heat or oxygen!

Something in favor of the tins is the practicality to transport them, as they are more resistant and lighter than glass.

At D’Olival store we have two excellent olive oils in tins: Acushla and Monte de Portugal. Remember that trusting the producer is very important when choosing an olive oil!

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