Make the most out of your Best Olive Oils


You bought a delicious olive oil and you want it to last a long time, so you don’t use it often?

We’ve often heard that here in the shop from our customers!

Olive oil is a living product that is constantly changing from the moment the olive was harvested.

A fresh olive oil, from the last harvest, kept in ideal conditions (away from heat, light and oxygen) has a fresh taste and its characteristics are present in every drop.

As time goes by they will fade and the oil can become rancid. It is a matter of time before the oil gains this characteristic. Even the best olive oil in the world is susceptible to it.

So, open the bottle of that special olive oil you love so much and consume it without regret. Only in this way will you be able to enjoy all the flavours and aromas it contains.

You don’t want to save a magnificent olive oil to consume months later an olive oil without the characteristics that delighted you so much, do you?
After opening the bottle, always keep it closed, away from light and heat. This way you’ll have a good olive oil for longer, but not forever!

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