Is olive oil expensive?


It is a perishable product made once a year.

The producers’ year-long effort has to be prepared in a few days, when the olives are harvested followed by the oil extraction. To guarantee quality there are rigorous and costly processes.

A small producer cannot take risks in the phases between harvest and packaging, as any mistake can bring down a year of production and, at worst, the brand itself.

Some of the factors that influence are: the yield of each variety, size of production, moment of harvest (green olives yield less oil), labor, mill, logistics, analysis, POD stamps (when required), taxes, bottles, labels, capsules, boxes…

The price of olive oil is all of that. And in the case of small-scale, rain-fed, intensive or traditional groves, such as those in Trás-os-Montes, operation is difficult and has high costs.

From here comes the guarantee that it is an exceptional, rare and reliable product. This oil should not be compared with those produced differently.


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