Do You Prefer Organic Olive Oil?


 If you prefer organic olive oil, here are two excellent options from Trás-os-Montes:

  • In the can you’ll find a balanced olive oil, medium fruity with a slightly bitter and spicy taste.
  • If you like a more intense oil, then the Gold Edition is for you. It is also balanced, medium fruity and slightly more bitter and spicy than Acushla from the can. 

Both go well with salads, breads and meat dishes.

Acushla has adopted cultivation techniques that respect the natural life cycle of the trees and the abolition of synthetic chemicals, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

By not disturbing this natural cycle, the result is the installation of other species of flora and fauna on the farm. A more diverse ecosystem has been created and it helps to enrich the soil and provides more and better nutrients to the trees.

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