Casa de Santo Amaro – Grande Escolha


Casa de Santo Amaro’s olive oils can be stated as Farm-to-Table, since from the production of olives, through the extraction of olive oil, its packaging and marketing of the final product, everything is done on the farm.

During the year they take care of the olive trees, harvest the olives at the end of October and extract their own mill, where it is also stored and packaged. From there the oils go to your table with a high standard of quality.


  • Very fruity and fresh, both on the nose and in the mouth;
  • Strong aroma of fresh olives, herbs and tomatoes;
  • In the mouth it presents an exuberant and persistent spicy, with a note of olive leaves and dry fruits, having a harmonious and quite prolonged aftertaste.

The history of Casa de Santo Amaro begins in 1687 and is currently in the possession of the eighth generation of the family.

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