Amor é Cego


Amor é Cego (Love is Blind) is the feeling that moves its producers, it is the passion they have for the land.

In 2015, they started the production from a small olive grove planted by their grandfather more than 60 years ago.

It is a rainfed olive grove whose olives are manually harvested, placed in 20 kg boxes and processed on the same day, in order to preserve all the properties of the oil.

They treat the old olive trees carefully and unhurriedly, respecting the best agricultural practices and, therefore, believe that despite having low production (7 liters of oil for every 100 kg of olives), they produce an exclusive olive oil of the highest quality.

The extra virgin olive oil 100% Galega reveals itself to be balanced and harmonious, preserving the characteristics of the variety: ripe fruity, with notes of tomatoes and nuts and a slightly spicy finish.

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