4 Reasons to Prefer Olive Oil from Small Producers


There are many reasons to prefer olive oil from small producers, we present you 4:

  • Producers always seek the best agricultural practices to guarantee the sustainable development of their brand and the region, in addition to ensuring respect for the environment. This is good for everyone!

  • When buying olive oil from small producers you value small companies and support local production. The small producers employ experienced labor from those who have always lived from the land, helping to keep people in the countryside.

  • Authenticity combined with the experience of knowing something special. The producers dedication is reflected in the quality of their oils. You will have a genuine product on your table and your taste buds will love!

  • You will feel good when supporting the little ones! Do you prefer to buy a lifeless olive oil from a large supermarket chain or a deliciously special olive oil at D’Olival?

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