How to get here

We are in the São Bento neighborhood, between Estrela, Santos, and Bairro Alto. Here you can get happily lost stumbling upon interesting shops and places to eat.

Lisbon is a city to walk and discover. We are a 15-minute walk down from Príncipe Real through Bairro Alto, or about the same distance up from the river.

When in doubt, feel free to call us or even ask people on the street for directions. The locals in Lisbon tend to be very helpful. See you soon!

Tram 28

D’Olival is on the Tram 28 route towards Prazeres. There is a stop right in front of our shop called Poiais de São Bento.

The Tram 28 route starts at Martim Moniz and ends at Cemitério dos Prazeres in Campo de Ourique. However, as this tram is quite popular, there are other less crowded trams which make shorter routes between Graça and Estrela.

At the initial stop at Martim Moniz there are always long lines, so we advise you to start the trip at either Cemitério dos Prazeres or Estrela. You can check the route and schedules on the Carris website!


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